Get a Legit Dummy Flight Ticket From $12

Our dummy tickets are used for visa applications or as proof of onward travel. All come with a unique PNR code that you can use to verify. Select the flight that suits your needs, and your dummy flight will be ready for instant download during checkout!

How To Book a Dummy Flight?


Search for Flight

Fill out the booking form to find your flight

Select Flight

Choose the flight that suits your needs – departure time, the airline, transit airports, and more.

Check Out

Review your booking details and make the payment.

Download Your Ticket

Your ticket will be available for instant download and printing.

What You Will Get

You’ll receive a PDF dummy ticket with your name and a verifiable PNR number. The ticket can be verified on the airline’s website. Simply visit the airline’s “Manage Booking” or “My Trip” section, enter the Airline Reservation Code and your surname, and you’ll be able to view the details.

This ticket serves as proof of your travel plans, which is necessary for visas and border crossings. It’s also helpful for presenting to company HR/Managers for leave and other purposes, as well as for exit visa procedures in many GCC countries.


Reasons to choose us offers a legitimate and verifiable flight reservation customized for visa applications, along with proof of onward travel. It’s a more intelligent and cost-effective way to travel, granting you complete freedom.

Here are a few more reasons to choose us:

Speedy Service: No need to wait for emails; it’s 100% automated. No delays, no stress. Secure flight reservations for any destination or country instantly, even while you’re at the embassy or airport!

Round-the-Clock Customer Support: We provide assistance 24/7, in multiple languages, for any issue you encounter.

Guaranteed Validity: Valid for a minimum of 48 hours and can be extended further. No need for later cancellations.

Flexibility: Enjoy unlimited date revisions if you alter your travel plans.

Money Back Guarantee: If the ticket doesn’t meet your needs, just email us with evidence, and we’ll refund your order.


Frequently Asked Questions about

– Yes, it’s legitimate. The reservation is fully verifiable with a valid PNR that complies with the laws of the destination country.
– To verify the ticket:
  • Go to the airline’s website.
  • Look for the “Manage Booking” or “My Trip” section.
  • Enter the airline code and your surname/name/email
  • Verify the ticket details.

The ticket is booked through airlines or a travel agent. It’s a document containing travel itinerary details, but it’s not a confirmed ticket and cannot be used for boarding.

Prices start at $12 USD for a 48-hour valid one-way ticket. The price varies based on the validation time.

Can I extend the reservation time after booking? Our flight reservations are valid for 48 hours, 7 days, or 14 days, depending on the option you choose. Ticket validity can be extended. Please email us for your requirements.

An onward ticket is like a paper saying you’re leaving the country at a certain time. You usually need it for getting a visa or crossing borders. They might call it a return, departure, or onward flight ticket too. Not every place asks for this, but lots do now because of COVID rules. The people at immigration might want proof you’re not staying illegally. So, it’s good to be ready.
This ticket also comes in handy if you want time off or have other stuff to do and need to show your boss. It can also help when you’re leaving certain countries in the GCC.

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