First Timer’s Guide to Taiwan

Are you ready to set off on an enchanting adventure to Taiwan in the coming days? If so, you’ve landed in the perfect spot to gather all the essential information you need for your trip. Make sure to stay tuned until the end of this blog article to discover everything you must know about Taiwan, from its vibrant culture to its breathtaking landscapes and delicious cuisine. Get ready to be inspired and informed as we delve into the wonders of this East Asian gem. Let’s make your Taiwan journey an unforgettable experience

Asia, with its rich cultures, mouthwatering cuisine, and stunning landscapes, holds a special allure for many globetrotters. While iconic cities like Tokyo and Beijing often steal the spotlight, Taiwan is quietly becoming a favorite among travelers worldwide. It’s no surprise given its charm and appeal. For those venturing to Taiwan for the first time, navigating its customs and etiquette might seem daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a friendly guide to assist you on your maiden voyage to this enchanting country. Explore Taiwan with confidence and make the most of your unforgettable journey!


– The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, with Traditional Chinese Characters used in writing.

– Taiwan has over 4,500 named mountain peaks 🏔️

– Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s 🧋



Always keep cash and coins on you at all times wherever in Taiwan, because more often than not, places don’t accept card! With that in mind, the biggest note is 1000 NTD (actually it’s 2000 NTD but that is not commonly used) and the smallest 100 NTD.


The left side of the escalator is for walking! If you’re not gonna walk up, please stay to the right, especially in rush hours!


It just rains so much here, and at unexpected times! And again, it’s very normal to use an umbrella even when it’s not raining, as it can truly offer you an escape from the harsh heat of the sun on a hot summer’s day. ⚠️ UMBRELLAS ARE ONE OF THE ONLY THINGS THAT GET STOLEN HERE ⚠️ I don’t think this is on purpose though, but it’s because so many umbrellas look the same so they


Taiwan’s weather is generally warm and humid due to its subtropical climate.


Many travelers tend to allocate just one week or even less for their Taiwan adventures, which often proves to be insufficient. Within such a short timeframe, one typically manages to explore Taipei along with only one or two other destinations, barely scratching the surface of what Taiwan has to offer.

For a comprehensive journey encompassing all the major attractions in Taiwan and completing a full circuit around the island, two weeks is deemed the optimal duration. Extending your stay to three weeks would provide an even more relaxed pace, allowing for detours to lesser-known gems along the way.

Nevertheless, two weeks presents a substantial timeframe, and in this Taiwan Travel Guide, I’ll outline the perfect itinerary tailored for a fulfilling two-week exploration of Taiwan.


Taiwan has an extremely generous and easy visa process. For many countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many European Countries, Taiwan gives a free 90-day free visa on arrival, which is impressive! This Guide to Taipei gives a full list of the countries that will get this option.

This is perfect if you are planning a backpacking trip around Taiwan and aren’t sure how long you should be there!

A visa on arrival means you do not need to do anything beforehand and you will be granted 90 days in the country when you arrive for free.

Other countries like Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dominica, Colombia and Peru will need to obtain a Taiwan visa online which will provide you with an e-visa valid for 30 days and you must enter the country within 3 months of it being issued.

“Stay ahead of airline requirements! Whether you’re unsure of your plans or a seasoned flexible traveler, having a dummy return ticket is a smart strategy. Learn more in our latest blog post and make traveling hassle-free!”

For more information on these types of visas, who needs them and how to obtain an eVisa for Taiwan, have a look at a visa issuing site like Byevisa’s Taiwan eVisa page.


Here are some top places to visit in Taiwan to help you with your Taiwan trip planning:

Taipei – This is the capital city and it’s a must-visit! It’s a pretty big city with a lot to see from viewpoints like Elephant Mountain, one of the highest buildings in the world the Taipei 101, night street food markets, Buddhist temples and plenty of shopping!

Juifen & Shifen – These are both traditional towns close to Taipei, now they are big tourist hotspots but they are fascinating to visit and both can be done as a day trip from Taipei!

Kaohsiung – This is my favourite place in Taiwan! I just love the ease of this city and because not as many people visit as other cities in Taiwan, it feels like a bit of a gem and it’s very local too. It’s smaller than Taipei but there are still so many things to do in Kaohsiung like visiting Buddhist temples like the famous Tiger & Dragon Temple, visiting street food markets, a Buddhist Monastery and going over to Cijin Island.

Taroko National Park – If you like hiking on your trips, this is a great place to visit! I stayed in a city nearby and did a day trip to Taroko National Park which was an amazing way to see another side of Taiwan that didn’t involve big cities or crowds.

As we wrap up this Taiwan travel guide, I hope you’ve found valuable insights and inspiration for your upcoming adventure in this captivating island nation. Taiwan is a land of contrasts, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern innovation, and natural beauty unfolds at every turn.

As you embark on your journey, remember to immerse yourself fully in the local culture, interact with the warm and welcoming people, and savor every moment of this unforgettable experience. May your travels be filled with joy, discovery, and unforgettable memories. Safe travels, and may Taiwan enchant you as it has enchanted countless travelers before!

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