How Dummy Ticket Transform You Into a Savvy Traveler

After traveling the world for almost three years, I highly recommend visiting other countries.

The old version of myself was always scared and shy to face the world, but now I’ve become a confident woman willing to fly anywhere and explore the world by myself. Traveling taught me many things, including increased self-confidence, a belief in humanity, and the fact that happiness comes from within.

I’ve traveled to 12 countries without significant issues, even though I travel on a budget. I love it! Do you consider yourself a smart traveler? If not, don’t worry. I’m delegate to share tips and tricks to help you travel smart.

  1. Please ensure that you research everything about your travel destination. Before traveling, conduct thorough research on your destination country. Create an itinerary and budget, and learn about the culture to understand what is appropriate and what is not.
  2. Consider how you will pack your belongings. Pack lightly but effectively. It would help to list the essentials you’ll need and stick to them. I prefer to use two backpacks for my travels: a smaller one for my personal belongings such as wallet, charger, passport, sunscreen, etc., and a larger one for clothes and other items I won’t need during the journey until I get to my accommodation.
  3. Organize your passport, visa, and insurance. One of the most important things to consider when traveling is ensuring that all your travel documents are prepared beforehand. However, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to prove a return flight even though you didn’t plan to return yet? A dummy ticket can be a smart solution to this problem.

⏺ Do you know what a dummy ticket is?

A dummy ticket is a flight reservation used for visa applications or as proof of onward travel. A dummy ticket is a flight itinerary or reservation for a round-trip from your home country to the destination of your choice. 

⏺ Do I need a dummy ticket?

If you’re unsure about the entry requirements of the country you plan to visit, it’s best to verify them in advance. Visa applicants can use dummy tickets as proof of travel, providing a cost-effective alternative in case of visa rejection. Some countries have strict regulations requiring proof of onward travel, while others may not ask for it. If you need a dummy ticket, obtain one before your trip. Some services provide them for a fee, allowing you to generate a temporary flight itinerary for proof of departure. Just be sure it’s from a reputable provider, and keep in mind that some immigration officials may verify the authenticity of the ticket. I used a when traveling from Jakarta to Turkey. As I was uncertain about my return date, I used a dummy ticket as a contingency plan, which worked well.

⏺ How can I purchase a dummy ticket?

  • Complete the booking form. Please select your preferred route, which can be either one-way or round-trip. Also, kindly specify the departure time and the airport of your choice.
  • Fill out the passenger form 
  • Please choose the dummy flight ticket (You can select the duration of the ticket’s validity, and the price will vary accordingly) 
  • You can pay a dummy ticket using PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Congratulations! You will receive a dummy ticket in your email automatically!

⏺ Is the dummy ticket legit?

Although legal, we can’t use this ticket for actual travel. If you need a dummy ticket, visit to get a legitimate one. It starts from 12$. The tickets they provided are safe to submit with your visa application.

⏺ What do people say about dummy tickets?

As a traveler, I have an interesting question regarding purchasing travel tickets for visa applications. The reason is that different embassies demand different documents. Some consulates require actual flight tickets, while others only ask for a submission of flight tickets. However, I think it is always better to go with a dummy reservation as most embassies happily accept dummy tickets instead of actual ones. Therefore, having a dummy ticket is one of the best ways for me to travel. 

Consulates requiring actual visa application tickets can be submitted with a dummy flight ticket. In case of questioning, the ticket can be presented during visa processing. To sum up, using a dummy ticket has no adverse consequences. It can increase your chances of saving money if your visa application is rejected. Additionally, it allows you to purchase the flight ticket later and submit it to the embassy upon request.

⏺ What is the best website to buy a dummy ticket?

I am confused about finding the best website for creating a dummy ticket. It’s because many websites offer fake tickets. However, I have found the best option, which is for only $12, they provide a legitimate dummy ticket with a unique PNR code that you can use to verify. Choose the flight that suits your needs. The flight will be ready for instant download during checkout! 

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